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Done? Really?

October 31, 2008

JLY and I just submitted the Word document with the entire novel to Booksurge late last night… Fingers crossed that there won’t be any problems, and we’ll get it out in time for people to buy as holiday presents! What could be better than sharing SFA with someone you love, like, or barely know? (Really, we’ll take anything…) … Please? ^_^

JLY and I have worked extremely hard to improve the story from what’s on the website. There are new scenes, tons of cleaned up plot lines, and a veritable barrage of properly-used commas. We’ve agonized over making it the highest quality story possible, so we really hope you enjoy it. In particular, anyone who has been bothered by inconsistencies, wished for more details about the world, or wondered what happened to Fell for the middle part of the book should definitely read it!

So if you’ve enjoyed the website, if you’ve enjoyed the story, please save a spot on your bookshelf (and perhaps even a place on your gift list?) for SFA! We’ll let you know as soon as the book is available for purchase– hopefully it’ll be early December or late November!



Massive Rewrites, You Say? Why Yes, We’ve Got Those.

September 25, 2008

As you might know, JLY and I finished writing Book 1 on 7/7/08. And then, began editing it. That means we’ve been editing for over two months now. Two months. Of editing.

If you’ve read JLY’s blog at all, you know she’s the perfectionist. She likes it when things are perfect. Me, on the other hand? I like it when things are done.

Which is why editing is painful for me. I wanted to power through it and finish it and submit the book so I can put a big metaphorical DONE stamp on SFA Book 1… But luckily, JLY and KM Ricker (amongst other people) have talked sense into me… So it looks like we might delay publishing until we can go over the entire book again and make it… better…

Sometimes, with editing, I get the feeling that I’m not making things better, I’m just making things different. I hate that feeling… It seems unproductive.

But, JLY and I did have a good round of editing lately, where we rolled up our sleeves and cleaned up some of the Annalise sub-plot (which gets a little messy at times)… Hopefully, what we’re doing is making it better, and not just different.

After some discussion, JLY and I decided to share one of the changes— an added scene, in this case– for the update last week. This scene is in rough-draft (and by that, I mean it hasn’t been gone through any rounds of editing yet). If you read it, I hope you liked seeing what we’ve been bashing our heads against for the past two months or so… The process of ripping open the story and then putting it back together. So to speak.

Oh, to answer the question in the comments, JLY and I have opted not to use a professional editor… Since we’ve already got the two of us, plus KM Ricker’s opinion, I tend to think we’ve got enough opinions floating around… Also, I’m not sure that the quality of professional editing we’d get with a self-publishing company would be that worth it, since the editors don’t work with you for as much time, or as closely. But maybe a professional editor would be a good idea in the future, at some point…



Ending and Beginning

July 31, 2008

We’ve timed our posts on the SFA website so that the ending to the first book will be posted on 8/6/08. And, as you might have heard from JLY’s post, we’re planning on starting the second book and posting the first scene by 8/8/08. Hopefully this isn’t too ambitious, considering JLY and I have spent the last few weeks editing and polishing Book 1, instead of starting Book 2…

At any rate, the beginning of Book 2 also coincides with the end of copious amounts of free time– JLY is off to get some more book-learnin’, I’m headed back into the working world, and even KM Ricker is returning to the trenches of art school.) So, we’ll be returning to once-a-week updates that will most likely take place on Fridays.

Even though starting the second book is a little daunting from this side of it, there’s something exhilaratingly about standing at the edge of this new book. Writing the end of the first book was a lot of tying up loose ends and pulling the plot together. There wasn’t too much room for random scenes or whimsical asides, and for that matter, the story was mostly in place so we didn’t even need to do that much creating. It was mostly just finishing out the road map that we had put in place.

But! Now that we’re starting the second book, it feels like there’s nothing but time and freedom. There are a lot of fun questions to be asked and answered. How has summer changed each of the adventurers? Will people relate the same way as they did before? Yes, we’ve got an outline for where the plot is going, but there’s much more freedom than we’ve been used to operating under.

The feeling of starting over with a new book, is, I suppose, one of possibilities. And what I love about SFA is that these possibilities are everywhere. It’s fun to try to figure out which possibilities to run with, and where to take them. Well, hopefully by 8/8/08, we’ll all know where these possibilities lead.




July 8, 2008

Around 1AM, I wrote this entry in my journal:

“Today marks the 1-year point of SFA. Exactly 1 year ago today, we started posting the prologues and chapters, and we’ve held to posting at least one scene per week for the entire year…

That’s something that I’m proud of, to make it a year.

And now we’re finishing the book. Aside from the daunting task of delivering a good ending that doesn’t disappoint, there’s also a certain sense of… not loss, not closure– something in between. A good bye, of sorts.

Well, at least, luckily, I’m not particularly employed at the moment, and JLY has more free time than usual, so we’ll be able to devote 7/7/08 to the writing marathon that it deserves.

And, if nothing else, I have absolute faith in our ability to sit down and churn out work for as many hours as it takes.

JLY and I spent all of high school learning exactly how much we can accomplish in any given day– and the answer is staggering. You never know your limits until you’re pushed, and high school definitely pushed us to our breaking points. I’ve never worked harder than in high school, not even in college, although perhaps at that point, I had learned my limits.

At any rate, I have faith that we can finish this thing, and finish it out right. Working hard and fast and with a good work product? Why, that’s exactly what we’ve been trained to do…”

And, as it turns out, after that journal entry, JLY and I proceeded to meet up today and write, write, write until, at last, we finished. Finished! Maybe I’m still a little giddy with disbelief. It was only about twenty minutes ago that we typed in the last sentence, looked it all over, and realized we were done.

So, I guess that’s how this story ends. ^_^



Countdown to Disaster

July 2, 2008

JLY and I have been writing at a break-neck speed to meet our 7/7/08 deadline for finishing SFA. We’ve finished writing Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, which is currently titled Final Examinations. We’ve started on Chapter 12, and we’re making good progress on it. I think we’ve actually got good odds of finishing by the deadline. I’m pretty optimistic, even though I recently discovered that the document we use to keep track of our time line for what we need to write is titled “Countdown to Disaster.doc”– clearly JLY has tons of faith in our ability to write quickly =P (Alternate nicknames for it include “The Time Line of Doom”…)

Yet, somehow, we’re writing and writing and almost done. And, it’s actually been a lot of fun. One of the many great things about writing the final chapters is that the story is falling into place much more easily than I would have expected. Even JLY and I had forgotten some of the elements that we’d purposely set in place earlier in the story, and when we rediscover them, we’re usually delighted. Now it’s just a matter of tying it all together and not being lazy– and by that, I mean pushing ourselves to make every scene interesting, fun, and exciting. Which I think we’ve managed to do lately, hopefully, even though we’re writing at such a frantic pace. Well, not too much time left, and we’ve still got the biggest scenes to tackle, so wish us luck!