Asking a Favor – The Great Tagging Project

January 7, 2009

As you might have heard, the book is now available on Amazon.com! I know people are busy, and not everyone has time to give us a review. But here’s an extremely quick way to help us out, and we’d really appreciate your help with it!

Amazon categorizes books through tagging the products. If you look at our page on Amazon and scroll down about a page, you’ll see the heading: “Tags Customers Associate with This Product”. If you tag us (by clicking the checkboxes there, or adding a new tag), we’d be very grateful!

So please please be super awesome and help us out? Be part of The Great Tagging Project of ’09! Our goal is to get 200 tags by the end of the month! All it takes is a few quick clicks.




  1. Thank you for notifying me about the book. I already have ordered it (because I am enjoying this story) even though it was quite expensive (as it seems, I will get it for $ 22.49) 😉

    Oh and I added some tags and search tags at Amazon…

    (It had said that I was the first to put in search tags for it … and now they are awaiting review – and the other tags seem to show up only when I am logged in…)


  2. I have done so! I will certainly buy the book, when I have enough money. I am very happy to help you, this book deserves to be famous!

  3. These are really good books. I was going to read one of the online comics that i usually do when i noticed the ad for this book. I decided that no harm would come from reading it, and i havent regretted it. When i have the money to buy the book I am going to buy it. These books could end being up there with Tolkein and the other greats. Even just reading about them i feel like i can get into the character’s mind and understand how they are feeling. I am going to add the homepage for the story to my sig on the forums i am a part of.

  4. I’m really liking these stories. I followed a link to the website a couple of days ago and have already read all of it. I can’t wait for the next post!
    These are also helping me get new ideas for the books i am writing myself.

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