Done? Really?

October 31, 2008

JLY and I just submitted the Word document with the entire novel to Booksurge late last night… Fingers crossed that there won’t be any problems, and we’ll get it out in time for people to buy as holiday presents! What could be better than sharing SFA with someone you love, like, or barely know? (Really, we’ll take anything…) … Please? ^_^

JLY and I have worked extremely hard to improve the story from what’s on the website. There are new scenes, tons of cleaned up plot lines, and a veritable barrage of properly-used commas. We’ve agonized over making it the highest quality story possible, so we really hope you enjoy it. In particular, anyone who has been bothered by inconsistencies, wished for more details about the world, or wondered what happened to Fell for the middle part of the book should definitely read it!

So if you’ve enjoyed the website, if you’ve enjoyed the story, please save a spot on your bookshelf (and perhaps even a place on your gift list?) for SFA! We’ll let you know as soon as the book is available for purchase– hopefully it’ll be early December or late November!




  1. Have you guys considered submitting your manuscript to WOWIO?

  2. Yeah, through wowio even we could get it.. I don’t think I can find your story on shelves in central Europe :/ Or, can it be bought through internet?

  3. Have you considered submitting it to a publishing house?
    Try one that focuses possibly on YA, since YA fantasy are selling quite well.

    You can also try using Baen’s slush forum, in which your story is taken apart and critiqued by all the readers (which includes a few professionals, and many readers of scifi/fantasy). This can get you published, but it can also get you lots of critiques on why you can’t be published (now).

  4. I love your work, and wonder if you need someone to do more detailed maps… I’ve gotten into drawing maps on MS Paint, and if you want I can email you a couple of my designs for a reference.

  5. I LOVE YOUR STORY! If (When!) it gets published I will definitely support you with a purchase!

    “Wisteria Ling, I challenge you!”

    “To DANCE?”

    I couldn’t stop laughing! So cute! I’m going back to reading the story now ^_^

  6. Thanks for the interesting ideas… You can now buy the book on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Eastridge-Academy-Adventures-Jennifer-Young/dp/1439218064/ref=cm_ciu_custimg_item_1

    Hopefully, that should work for everyone? If anyone has trouble ordering it or finding it, let me know!

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